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School Ranking based on Multi Parameters

Goodwill and Legacy of School

 School is actually a home away from home; it is the place where one gets the opportunity to acquire education. School is the place where a kid not only learns things but being nurtured. School is the place which flourishing the positive attitude for learning, progressive thinking towards life, in short, a good school has to have diverse and compelling ways to measure of success.

School Environment

The environment of the school should be warm where students feel welcomed and they know and realize that the staffs care about them. The troublesome practices related to race, gender, faith, income and apathy towards the environment should be disruptive.

Safe and Secure Environment

As we all know, there was a number of incidents being reported occurring in schools these days, that’s why it is essential for every parent to check the level of security and safety in schools for their kids.

Effective Discipline

Discipline is one of the decisive parts of learning in the top 10 Best Schools in Ranking and it also reflects the character of any school, so it is substantial to check in what manner a school inculcates the habit of discipline in students.


A profitable and favorable teaching strategy is a must nowadays for enhancing a student and make them future-ready. Parents need to analyze the teaching method of school. whether they use the traditional method or shifted to the innovative learning process, as the learning techniques and their methods mark extensive in the learning process of the student.

Traditional Teaching: The Chalk-and-Talk Method

The traditional teaching method is the method where the teacher was the source of education who gives the education material which is called a pre-technology education era. In this era, student played the role of receiver of the information and the medium of delivery of education or information is via the “chalk-and-talk” and OHP methodologies.

Innovative Learning Process: The new-age learning

This new age of learning is widely known as an innovative learning process which is the amalgamation of various digital sources of media types such as text, images, audio, and video, integrated into a multi-sensory interactive application or presentation to convey information to an audience.


Although, nowadays people are more involved in preparing student’s future-ready nothing can replace academic excellence. Academic excellence is pivotal in laying the foundation of learning, holistic development of mind and personality.

What’s Holistic Education?

Holistic education is a methodology to prepare students to face real-life challenges. The crucial points of holistic education are positive social behavior, developing healthy relationships, social and emotional development, learning about oneself, resilience, and the ability to view beauty, experience transcendence, and truth. So, holistic education is also a necessary parameter for ranking schools in India.

Career Advancement

Career Advancement is also one of the major aspects of ranking schools in India. Schools provide students career-related research and advance courses so that they manage to develop an effective and result-oriented job search strategy, build a professional network, and market themselves in the best possible fashion during interviews, drew a higher score in ranking. Career advancement courses ensure a bright future, empowering students and alumni to translate their academic success into professional success. Career advancement help students make more informed and better educational and career choices.

Future Ready Infrastructure

Future Ready Infrastructure or in simple words we can say top Best schools can be gauged from components such as Instruction, Curriculum, and Assessment, Personalized Professional Learning and Robust Infrastructure.


The popular platform of connecting and popularizing one’s update of life events is being used to reach the top in popularity charts in the following ways:

Connectivity: Social media helps to develop networks of students and teachers. Students can also use these platforms to connect with various educational institutes as these institutes constantly communicate through social media channels promoting and sharing relevant information from student point of view. Online presence of any school helps it to strengthen connectivity without any limitations on proximity.

Community Building

It is a great way to reach out to potential students and professionals.

Stimulate Knowledge and discussion: With the help of various social media channels, there is constant sharing of information, educational content at a rapid rate by the schools. Educational content shared by educational institutions includes views and opinions of faculties, new updates in the education sector and knowledge on various topics. Other than this this platform may help the institutions in assessing, analyzing, retaining, and sharing the information on a widespread.

Parental Involvement: In order to engage parents and encouraging them for their involvement, social media networks prove to be a valuable tools for education institutes. The online presence of educational institutes through social media helps the parents in accessing the institute’s curriculum and knowing the teachers better. This helps them get clarity about the educational institute.

Visibility Advantage: As per the IMAI report, 81% of the population goes online to search for educational content.

School Ranking based on Academic Results

There are a large range of factors that impact on academic results in addition to the role played by the school itself. It is for the reader to do his own research and draw his or her own conclusions.

  • many factors affect student achievement, some of which are outside the control of schools. These include differences in ability, cultural and language background, educational background of parents and economic differences;
  • no single table or data source should prevail in drawing conclusions about the achievement of students at schools. A more realistic picture is gained from a composite view of all information available about schools;
  • the statistics of a single year should not be considered in isolation, rather the trend or pattern over a number of years should be considered;
  • small numbers of candidates at a school can bias inferences, particularly with percentages.

The 14 Key Parameters for Evaluation of the school

  • Academic Reputation

  • Community Service

  • Competence  of Faculty

  • Individual Attention to Students

  • Leadership/ Management Quality

  • Life Skills Education & Conflict Management

  • Co-curricular Education

  • Internationalism

  • Parental Involvement / (Pastoral care- in boarding schools) Teacher Welfare and Development

  • Teacher Welfare and Development

  • Sports Education

  • Safety and Hygiene

  • Infrastructure Provision

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